Weekday Lunch - Monsday to Friday
11AM to 2 PM

Business Meeting, Team Meeting or at your desk – the best way to have traditional Lunch Thali of your Choice from YAAL TIFFINS!

The corporate ToGo Thali items are made fresh daily and the hot items carefully packed in a 4 compartment microwavable container. The container and the rest of the items with cutlery package are placed in to a 9” X 9” box for your convenience and transportation. The box is clearly labeled on the type of Thali you ordered with the options selected.

Soda (Coke, Diet Coke & Sprite) $1.09

Iced Tea $1.09

Sri Lankan Black Tea (hot) $1.09

Bottle Water $1.09

Sparkling Water $1.49

Iced Neer Moor $1.99

Masala Tea (with Milk) $1.99

Coffee (with Milk) $1.99

Iced Nelli Crush (Indian Gooseberry Summer Drink) $1.99

Mango Lassi or Sweet Lassi $2.49

Sri Lankan Sherbet (Summer Drink) $2.49

- Neer More—South Indian summer drink made with yogurt, ginger, red onions, curry leaves and lime
- Sri Lankan Sherbet—Rose syrup mixed in with cold milk

Please let us know if you have any food allergies We only use HALAL meat