About Our Restaurant

Our Cuisine:
Our food is traditional home style cooked food, primarily a combination of South Indian and Sri Lankan food with selected combination of Indo-Malaysian and North Indian dishes. Most of our recipes are passed on generation to generation, from family and friends. We have kept most of our recipes very traditional like how it is cooked in the respective native countries, while improvised some of the recipes to meet today’s taste.

Our Ingredients:
We hand select our ingredients every week from multiple sources to ensure quality and freshness. We don’t use any vegetable / frying sorting, ajinomoto / msg in our cooking. The ingredients are cleaned and prepared for cooking daily, similar to how we do it at our home. We use vegetable oil, sesame oil, coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil in our food preparation. We only use halal meat for cooking.

Our Cooking:
Our cooking is different from other typical Indian restaurants, as we use less oil and less salt in our cooking. Our cooking method is different from item to item; from cutting vegetables, roasting and grinding various spice combinations for the dishes; We use the correctly engineered cooking utensils with the right flame level / griddle temperature to get the food taste more authentic, closer how the food taste back home in India, Sri Lanka & Malaysia.

Our Hospitality & Service:
When friends and family visits back home, the guests are offered food and fed well (even with surprise visits) – our tradition. We try to replicate our tradition through hospitality and service – similar to how the food was served to you. For an example, on the weekend sit-down lunch buffet, we will serve you “virundhu” (means feast on special occasions) style on a banana leaf, just the way how the food is served back home.

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